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-Learn the Art of Burlesque

Are you are looking for one-on-one coaching, a burlesque weekend workshop, or a specialty class? Cybil Unrest is here to make burlesque dreams come true. Her programs empower the absolute beginner with confidence by building burlesque skills, physical strength, and performance know how, while unleashing your inner-vixen-tiger.

Cybil Unrest – Kim Sayre Photography

For those of you who are already dabbling in the art of Burlesque we incorporate your knowledge of high kicks, shakes-n-shimmy’s, twerks that bump-n-grind, and everything in between with specialized coaching and classes. With our expert-tease we will help you continue your burlesque journey and create top notch acts!

Whether it’s for stage, to build confidence, personal use, to compete in festivals, open for shows or bands, or even run away with the circus, Cybil is here to serve you in all your burlesque needs.

Whether you’re a lady or gentleman you’ll have a blast, work out your entire body from tassels to toes, and learn all the tricks and tools you’ll need to create your very own burlesque acts!

Cybil Unrest, Leon G. Ray, Rebel Rose, & Illegally Blonde

This is a choose-your-own-burlesque-adventure platform, designed to help you achieve your wildest dreams on yours terms.

Cybil is offering 4 different ways to get into burlesque!
1.) Workshops
2.) Private one-on-one coaching
3.) Specialty Classes
4.) Weekly Classes

Her Weekend Workshops are offered once a month. These workshops include anything from 2 – 6 hours of instruction laid out in 1 class or sometimes over two – three days. The workshop is designed to help you achieve confidence, simple dance moves (no dance experience required), burlesque building blocks, secret tips, tricks, and fun, fun, fun! Check out the Workshop page for more info!

The Specialty Classes offer expert instruction with a different theme and instructor every month! This Saturday class will be a 2-3 hour special course on a wide rage of topics. Anything from feather fan dancing technique to how to get booked at more shows and festivals. Weekly Classes offer a safe place to practice the art of strip tease, burlesque for beginners, group fun and an overall weekly brush up on technique. These classes are every Thursday night in Nevada City.

Cybil also offers Private Coaching one-on-one instruction. If you are looking to critique an existing act or are a complete beginner, Cybil is here to help and coach you and your act(s) to perfection. She has been helping burlesque artists since 2013.

Cybil Unrest 2022

More about Cybil Unrest – “Burlesque Anarchy at it’s Best!”

Currently producing shows in Nevada City, CA as the creator and head producer of Truth or Dare Productions. She is Nudie Nubies SF Ultimate Reveal Champion winner of the 2018 crown and the Nugget Fringe Festival best of show 2017. Cybil is a seductress by nature, a potent burlesque dancer with a shaken but not stirred comedic spirit. California’s Red Riding Hood of rebellion, she’s a pink mustache riding, Mezcal-drinking, tassel twirling burlesque fantasy brought to life! Cybil Unrest is a burlesque artist whose playful peep-show routines are one hell of a clambake delight! She’ll be serving perpetual-glamor with a dash of debauchery and a twist of raw expert-tease. You will definitely be a fan of Cybil Unrest and how she gets undressed!

What: You Can Burlesque!
One Stop shopping for all your Burlesque and performance needs!
Monthly Workshops, Specialty Classes, and Coaching!

The Lost Dance Studio in lovely Nevada City, CA.

Classes: Thursdays at 7:30pm
Coaching: Email for Appointment
Workshops: Monthly

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